ISWM - the Concept

This book is part of the series Integrated Sustainable Waste Management - A Set of Five Tools for Decision-makers - Experiences from the Urban Waste Expertise Programme (1995 - 2001)

It introduces the concept of Integrated Sustainable Waste Management (ISWM). ISWM provides an analytic framework for the assessment of waste management services, which takes into account aspects of the system that are often neglected in traditional municipal waste management.

It looks at institutional, social, environmental, political, technical and financial aspects, while emphasising the critical role that different stakeholders - including waste pickers, women, micro- and small enterprises - play in waste management operations such as collection, treatment, recovery, reuse, recycling and prevention.

This book focuses on the framework for understanding the problems of urban waste management by assessing all the aspects of the baseline situation.

This framework provides the basis for planning of a more sustainable waste management system. This publication also presents the steps suggested to develop an ISWM plan.

Also available in French and Spanish