Financing the waste business

Financing and especially local financing are key to changing the sanitation and waste system. Developing countries are trapped in systems that often do not perform. Government is mainly responsible for waste and sanitation but does not have the capacity to make it happen and is dependent on grant-funding.

We at WASTE encourage private sector parties to enter the system and help create a demand market where households are willing to pay for sanitation and waste services. To unlock this potential and allow companies to grow and expand, financial resources are essential.

Local financing is often available but as financiers are unfamiliar with waste and sanitation markets they cannot judge risks and opportunities yet and are hesitant to invest. We bridge the gap between local finance and the waste and sanitation market on various levels, through guarantees, credit lines and investment funds. We help Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) gain access to larger funds from higher International Finance Institutions (IFIs) so they can help companies grow.

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