African Finance Facility

Parnters for Water (PfW) financed a feasibility study for the set-up of a Financing Facility in Africa for water and sanitation. The project was to identify the modality that is most effective and cost-efficient to encourage local (micro) finance institutions to fund small-scale water and sanitation facilities.

The study was executed jointly with Triodos-Facet, ICCO, Fair & Sustainable and local partners.

The project included a Feasibility Study with three distinct phases:

  1. Market study 
  2. Business plan 
  3. Conclusions and action plan 

1. Market study


The objective of the market analysis is to identify the demand / need for watsan financing on two levels:

  • The specific demands for financing of entrepreneurs 
  • The specific demands of households 
  • The demand / need of (micro finance)banks for support to overcome bottlenecks to meet the demand for financing of small-scale local watsan services.

Business Plan


The objective of the Business Plan is to gain insight in the financial and institutional sustainability and feasibility of the Facility.

Key input for the financial plan and organizational set-up of the Facility is the information collected in phase 1, the market study.

Workshop / Conclusions

Considering the wide interest for this theme, the findings of the market study and the business plan were shared during a series of workshops. Launch for investment Objectives of the workshop are to (1) share findings and (2) to obtain feedback and ideas and (3) to interest potential funders / partners for actual implementation of the Facility (provided the results of the study are positive)

The wisdom obtained during the workshop was incorporated in the conclusions of the Feasibility Study.


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