The Diamond approach

When dealing with businesses in sanitation and waste management, we apply the so-called Diamond Approach

We developed this approach in the field, in our projects on sanitation and business. It shows very clearly how the various stakeholders in sanitation interact.

WASTE connects all these stakeholders so that they can work together to build a viable system:

  • Customers (such as households) are willing to pay for sanitation and waste
  • Businesses (small and big) see business opportunities in waste and sanitation
  • Financing institutions offer credit products to customers and businesses
  • (Local) governments are responsible for setting rules and regulations

We only facilitate the improvement of stakeholder interaction, we do not become part of the system ourselves. By establishing these diamonds the interactions can continue after the project stops and the interference by WASTE and any additional partners ends, thus achieving sustainability.

Our Diamond approach was developed within our SPA programme and has also successfully been applied in our FINISH programme.

We have made a film to more easily explain the model that you can watch on our Vimeo film channel: