Emergency raised latrine

Within the S(P)EEDKITS programme our intern Bram de Vries has designed a raised latrine following the requirements set up by the partners in the programme.

The raised latrine is meant to be deployed in emergency situations where there is a risk for flooding.

Other requirements were:

  • Easy to transport
  • Plug and Play concept
  • Life span of at least 2 years
  • Container based
  • Costs not to exceed 2200 Euro
  • Suitable for the different habits in toilets usage
  • Suitable for extreme weather conditions

In addition:

  • Accessible for special target groups
  • Comfortable and pleasant

The design was set up after several meetings with the partners and resulted in several proposals of which S(P)EEDKITS partners have selected one to develop into a prototype. 

The design is based on a container with 2 complete toilets in it. The toilets can be connected and thus form a block of 4 toilets. The walls are made of canvas, which makes it light but durable. The feaces is collected in a plastic tank which can be easily replaced or emptied on a regular basis.

At this moment a prototype is being built to be tested in the field.