Start up meeting

All the partners of ISSUE 2 have met in March 2007 and discussed on the execution of the programme. A short resume.

Everybody looks back at 6 days of hard work and for the new partners even 8 days. A full programme in which the set-up, the methodology, the execution, the monitoring and the expected results were thoroughly discussed and everybody’s input was expected. All participants were exhausted but mentioned also to be energised and roaring to go at work in their own district.


During the meeting a lot of emphasis has been put on the outcome that is expected from the programme. In 4 years time each region, fifteen in all, have to have improved the waste management systems for 5.000 households. For a waste management system you can fill in either sustainable sanitation or adequate waste collection schemes. The emphasis is on the integration of both waste and sanitation management. All in all ISSUE 2 will be a largely implementing programme with mainly funds available for creating a favouring enabling environment, not for the physical infrastructure. Thus, to accomplish this task additional external funding will be absolutely necessary. The work has to be done efficiently and a lot of upscaling has to be done. Luckily the five partners from the first four years are still with ISSUE 2. For them the upscaling was a clear target and the new partners will rely on their experiences to reach the goals the programme set.


The group went home with a clear assignment for the inception phase. During the inception phase the following activities have to take place:

  • selecting a peri-urban district as intervention zone

  • forming of a consortium supported by stakeholder platforms, collaborations, MoUs and similar institutional relationships.

  • Establishment of a baseline of the selected district that includes:

    • an inventory of dialogue platforms,

    • an inventory of locally available sustainable financing,

    • an inventory of the local knowledge and information function and lastly but not least importantly,

    • an inventory of the conditions related to solid waste and sanitation practices.


The inception phase will take 9 months for the new partners. The ‘old’ partners hope to finalise or update their information in 3 to 6 months time.