Inspiring stories from the world of waste: ECOTILE meets ECOPOST in Nairobi, Kenya

What happens when two founders of plastic recycling factories meet? They start to talk and cannot stop talking about all small details of their plastic recycling processes. This happened last week when Kevin from TRACE/ECOTILE and myself visited ECOPOST in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kevin Mureithi is the passionate founder of TRACE, a waste management company in Gilgil, Kenya. With the support of VIAWater and WASTE Netherlands he established a plastic recycling facility to produce roofing tiles out of plastic waste and sand. Last Monday I visited his factory and I was very pleased to see his equipment up and running. Manufacturing has started and his tiles are on the market with the brand name ECOTILE. ECOTILE is an unbreakable, light in weight, durable and eco-friendly roofing tile. For more information see: Eco blocks and tiles

ECOPOST recycles waste plastic into plastic lumber profiles such as fencing posts and planks of different sizes. ECOPOST started 8 years ago, they are very successful and need to process plastic waste for 24 hours a day to fulfill the demand. Kevin and his ECOTILES have the opportunity to profit from the experience of ECOPOST and they agreed to partner in the marketing and promotion of both their products. And as such these plastic recycling companies will grow and become leading companies in this sector in Kenya!


Do you have questions or ideas for collaborating? Contact Sophie van den Berg, solid waste expert and plastic recycling adviser at WASTE <svdberg[at]>