Kick start of the Business in Sanitation Support under FINISH Mondial

During the World Toilet Summit in Mumbai, November 2018, WASTE and CEWAS  kick-started the Business in Sanitation Support with a training workshop for both trainers and entrepreneurs from the different countries of the FINISH Mondial programme: India, Kenya, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda. The purpose of this activity is to standardize training programmes for sanitation entrepreneurs. During this first workshop we assessed the needs of the entrepreneurs and trainers, which will serve as input for the business development support component of FINISH Mondial.

FINISH Mondial 

FINISH stands for the Financial INclusion Improves Sanitation and Health programme, which has been supported and implemented since 2009 by an Indian-Dutch consortium including banks, insurance companies, NGOs and academic and government institutions from the two countries. Its objective was to diffuse 500,000 safe sanitation systems (i.e. toilets with proper treatment of waste produced) to low-income communities in rural India through mobilising funds from end-user households. Today it has passed well over 700,000 sanitation systems in India alone.

Sanitation business promotion in 6 countries 

Next to India, the FINISH programme is now being implemented in Kenya and we have started in Bangladesh, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda. An important part of the FINISH Mondial programme is sanitation business promotion and support.

Challenges of sanitation entrepreneurs

During the kick-of workshop in November we learned about the most common challenges experienced by sanipreneurs:

  • Lack understanding of the sanitation business by the mainstream banking industry, and as such lack of access to loan
  • Difficulties in dealing with government departments related to the sanitation sector, including legal matters
  •  Lack of demand for their products to the end user, such as co-composted fertilizer

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