Learning about plastic recycling in Mali from India.

The Value Chain Development and Youth Employment programme in Mali (EJOM) project started in 2018 together with SNV and ICCO. WASTE interventions in this project focus mainly on the creation of jobs in solid waste management and valorisation. As part of this programme, the project organizes technical trainings about integrated sustainable waste management, recycling and composting, health and safety, etc. Especially plastic recycling is taken up with a lot of interest by the trainees.

To make the trainings more practical and insightful, WASTE has involved Sethupathy Azhaganandam – owner of a plastic recycling machine building factory – from India, to give the technical training. Sethupathy teaches from the very basics of plastics: recognizing different types of plastics to sorting, washing and grinding. A small extruder is used to show the process of extrusion of plastics.

The training ends with a visit to a plastic recycling factory in Bamako, showing the practicalities of a big recycling company. To support the trainees, WASTE has developed a training manual on plastic recycling and a catalogue with low-cost equipment that can be used by starting entrepreneurs. Furthermore Sethupathy gives personal advice to young entrepreneurs on making their business more profitable.

The trainees were enthusiastic about the training: “happy to have a practical insight from a more industrial point of view”.

For more information contact Verele de Vreede (vdevreede@waste.nl).