WASH Waste Blog Series: Collaborating for an integrated approach to solid waste (SWM) & faecal sludge management (FSM)

More than just toilets: Spotlight on an integrated approach to sanitation & waste management

The following 5-part WASH waste blog series details the challenges & opportunities for waste management and the intersection of faecal & solid waste.

This series aims to demonstrate opportunities for integrating FSM & SWM to improve how our world operates and create financial value from these value chains with a holistic approach to the circular sanitation economy. WASTE advisers Priska Prasetya, Sophie van den Berg, Verele de Vreede & Lauren Pope (eds.) present this collaboration with Kim Worsham (FLUSH), Cuthbert A. Onikute (DalO Systems formerly Dechets a l’Or), and Eline Bakker (Consultant) in honour of World Toilet Day 2020.



In our first blog (WE HAVE A (WASTE) PROBLEM), we learned that the world has a waste problem with both solid and fecal waste. Across the world today, 4.5 billion people lack the access to safely managed sanitation and in low-income countries only 50% of the waste is collected. Mixing the two streams hampers collection and treatment: the lack of source segregation in both FSM and SWM affects waste treatment plants’ operational efficiencies, costs, as well as the quality and quality of produced co-compost and recyclable waste streams.

The second blog (SOURCE SEPARATION IS WASTE’S ACHILLES HEEL) shows the importance of segregation of wet waste and dry waste to facilitate the linking of the two sectors. Even though segregation at source is not easy and it is difficult to achieve participation of all residents in source segregation programs. However, there are good examples showing that it is possible.

In the third installment, (CIRCULAR (SANITATION) ECONOMY BUSINESS MODELS) we also discussed the opportunity to integrate solid waste management (SWM) and faecal sludge management (FSM) to create effective waste business models. New business models are coming up that create more value in the waste. Part of the sticking points to ensure the businesses that model integrated FSM and SWM are successful will be government policy interventions that support the work.

Continuing through the chain, in blog four (BUSINESS MODELS IN PRACTICE) we shared how the day-to-day operations of an integrated waste management system would work.

In the final publication, blog 5 (INCREASING INTEGRATED WASTE IMPACT: BRINGING IT TO PRACTICE) highlights one of WASTE’s developments in practice via its Collaborative Local Urban Environmental Services (CLUES) City Assessment.


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Are you looking for tangible action right now? We encourage those who are interested in the possibility of integrating waste management to look forward to next steps.

For Exploring Investors: If you or your company is interested in investing in this work, reach out to Take-A-Stake. Take-A-Stake helps finance small growing businesses in WASH and plastics.

For Interested Organisations: If your organisation is interested in learning more about organisations already piloting and implementing these kinds of programs globally, reach out to WASTE. WASTE is leading a 6-country circular sanitation economy & waste management initiative called FINISH Mondial that’s championing much of what this blog series is about.

For Entering Entrepreneurs: If you are excited about trying your hand at waste management entrepreneurship and need some advice on how to build and implement a business model and strategy that fits your local requirements, hire FLUSH and Eline Bakker (LinkedIn). Both advisors are readily available to provide those services and have decades of experience globally.

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