Rolling out a new Fund investing in WASH and waste entrepreneurs in Asia and Africa

Seeking like-minded partners to work with us!

  • Small & growing businesses (SGBs) in water/sanitation/hygiene (WASH), waste and linked sectors
  • Technical assistance partners
  • Investors in the Fund
  • Co-investment partners

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The Take-a-Stake Fund is a new initiative, initiated by WASTE and supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the Kenya Innovative Finance Facility for Water (KIFFWA), next to others. The aim of this Fund is to provide impact investments to support basic needs, especially to low-income people in developing countries and emerging markets. The Take-a-Stake Fund is targeting the ‘missing middle’ – the middle segment of small and growing businesses (SGBs), for which investment requirement may range from approx. €50k to (+/-) €3 million.

Why the ‘missing middle’?

SGBs are a crucial backbone for regional economic growth and employment. However, generally these entrepreneurs do not get access to finance, despite having a track record, making profit (or close to), have a solid client base and growth opportunities. SGBs are either too large for [micro-]finance institutions (MFIs) or too small for institutional investors – thus becoming the ‘missing middle’.


The SGBs we are searching for must be commercially viable businesses, typically ranging from 5 to 250 employees, which have strong potential for growth – and thus for creating economic, social and environmental benefits. TAS main eligibility Criteria for potential SGBs:

  • Formally registered companies, operating in Kenya, Uganda and India
  • Having a track record of at least three (3) years
  • Looking for debt or quasi debt-ranging from €100 K – €5 M
  • Having a substantial impact on SDG 6 + also welcome impact on other SDGs
  • Demonstrate good business ethics and accountability and having a vision of socially and environmentally responsible business towards stakeholders
  • Compliance with national legislation and policies related to environment, workplace safety and other relevant areas


As funding has been secured, the Take-a-Stake Fund is getting ready to be rolled out in India, Kenya and Uganda by end of 2021, we are still open for new partnerships and investors, especially in regards to:

  1. Organisations representing WASH, waste and linked sector entrepreneurs
  2. Investors to support funding for some investments and technical assistance

Could you be our next partner? Get in touch: Email WASTE adviser and Take-a-Stake CEO, Kajetan Hetzer, at