New project to increase access to faecal sludge & solid waste management services in Malawi

WASTE has a long history of working on solid waste management services and sanitation in Malawi. It started in 2008 with a sanitation project. Since then, we have been working closely with WASTE Malawi, an independent NGO which evolved from these early activities in Malawi.


Malawi is one of the world’s least developed countries. 74% of Malawi’s population live below the poverty line of US$1.90 per day. The majority of the 1 million people living in the nation’s capital, Lilongw, lack basic sanitation and solid waste management services. A recent estimate states that only 22% of municipal waste generated is collected, the other part ends up at the streets, at dumpsites or is burned.


To improve this situation, WASTE, along with its WASTE Malawi local partner and United Purpose, will work the coming year on a project funded by UNICEF. The objective of the project is to support the Lilongwe Municipality to increase access to faecal sludge and solid waste management services in the capital’s peri-urban areas. Together, we will tackle this challenge by implementing the existent FSM business plan, integrating faecal sludge management (FSM) and solid waste management (SWM) value chains, engaging women and youth to improve livelihoods across both value chains.


For more information, contact WASTE adviser, Sophie van den Berg.