Plastoformer and training “Start your plastic waste recycling business”

Plastoformer and training “Start your plastic waste recycling business”

“Thank you for giving us this wonderful day of sharing. We are optimistic this will lead to the establishment of our respective activities.” and “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this great training we had today. We have learnt a lot regarding recycling business and opportunities while spending good moments with all attendees.” These remarks are just some reactions we received at our first workshop combining a small scale-recycling machine (Plastoformer) with a training workshop for the plastic recycling sector in Senegal.


Setting up a plastic recycling company in Senegal
Deltares started working with Mamadou Diaw of DMS Senegal (Developpement Materiel Synthetique) in 2016 supporting the organisation to set up a plastic recycling company producing irrigation tubes out of plastic waste. DMS was selected for the pilot project funded by ViaWater: “Scaling plastic recycling businesses with a portable and affordable processing machine, the Plastoformer.”


The assignment
The plastoformer is an innovative small capacity recycling-machine developed by Plastic Fanatastic. The cost of this machine are considerably low compared to other plastic recycling equipment and therefore within the reach of small entrepreneurs in low income countries. The plastoformer can produce valuable products for the local market out of plastic waste. We combined the introduction in of the plastoformer in the Senegalese plastic recycling sector with a training workshop about plastic recycling. A demonstration of the plastoformer was part of the workshop showing possible products that can be manufactured with the plastoformer.


Mamadou, the first owner of a plastoformer in Africa: “I am very enthousiastic about the plastoformer. The training workshop was just perfect. The right people were there to bring the plastoformer to the next level. I wish that the plastoformer will be used by as many people as possible to clean up the living environment in our cities. I really feel that something special is about to happen!”


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