Jacqueline Barendse

How can all people live a meaningful life in a pleasant environment? And how can vulnerable and poor people be helped to build these lives for themselves? What is the role of finance – for example subsidies, loans or investments – and subsidies in this process? These are questions that trigger me.

I have over 25 years of hands-on experience in business and finance and about 10 years in development aid. These worlds can and should come together: the drive for scale; efficiency; and profit of the business world with the drive of the development world to reach the poor. With my background in industry and finance (amongst others for Philips, ING, Triodos Bank and Ecorys) and in development aid (amongst others WASTE, Aqua for All and the World Bank) I want to help building the bridge between these two worlds.

• Business Development: from project management to bankable proposals.
• Finance, including loans, investments, Public Private Partnerships, output based aid and result-based financing.

• @Scale – business development and scaling of project in WASH and waste.
• Take a Stake – setting up an investment fund for WASH
• FINISH Mondial
• WASH Alliance International