Jan Spit

With many years of experience as senior water and sanitation advisor, I carry a warm heart for content, while having a good feeling for the process and eye for solid project management. I hold a degree as Sanitary Engineer from Delft University, completed a post-graduate course on business administration and became master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming. Through the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements in Nairobi, I started my career abroad as Civil and Public Health Engineer.

At WASTE, I am responsible for several big projects, among which the Emergency Sanitation Projects, shortlisting high priority investments (€30 million) at the Lake Victoria Basin integrated water resource management programme and preparing feasibility studies in Tanzania.

I have extensive experience as project manager and technical leader at MWH Northern Europe, an engineering, consulting and construction management firm for built infrastructure. Here, I developed the water management field and coached new staff members. Before that, I was in charge of programmes to promote sustainable development at municipality level at the Netherlands Agency for Innovation, Energy and Environment. Also, I worked as consulting engineer at IWACO in Indonesia and India. All my previous work combined creates a rich experience that contributes to my work as a WASTE advisor.

• Faecal Sludge Management
• Urban Wastewater Treatment

• Emergency Sanitation Project Phase II
• Ecological management of faecal sludge and valorisation of by-products in Benin

• Preparing to be unprepared
Speedy Sanitization & Stabilization
• Development of a Field Laboratory for Monitoring of Fecal-Sludge Treatment Plants