Nadine Arce Haanraadts

As a Wageningen University graduate, I am specialized in Development Economics. During my MSc studies, I studied abroad in Chile and did both my internship and thesis in India and Rwanda. Here I was able to face real-life contexts within the areas I was about to work in. After finishing my studies, I gained experience as consultant during my work for the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

Through the Young Experts Programme (YEP) of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs & the Netherlands Water Partnership, I got the opportunity to work for WASTE in Mozambique. My goal was to set up a local sanitation market through the Diamond Approach: one of the central approaches of WASTE. I realized this by developing the private sector and including finance.

Today, I mainly work for the FINISH Mondial programme, where I am project manager of the Tanzania country programme and coordinate the monitoring & evaluation activities of the programme.

• Private sector development
• Implementation of Diamond Approach

• Sanitation: UNICEF Mozambique
• Sanitation: FINISH Mondial