Sophie van den Berg

Within WASTE I am the international Solid Waste Expert and Business Adviser on plastic recycling. I am passionate about solutions that solve the global plastic waste problem. It is my goal to grow plastic recycling companies that generate social and environmental impact in Africa and Asia.

In my work for WASTE, I identify early-stage impact businesses and support them to be viable for scale and become investment-ready. That is how I become the matchmaker between them and investment funds, to realize growth and scale.

• Plastic recycling
• Solid waste
• Business development
• Capacity building (tailored training workshops)

• FINILOOP: Training of Trainers “Plastic waste to value” in India
• Development of strategy on organic waste management for the city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, ISWA/CCAC
• Improvement of the solid waste management system of the Van Oers farm and the villages surrounding it in Senegal, Van Oers United
• UNDP Recycling guidelines for Botswana municipalities