Valentin Post

I have over 25 years of experience in financing, enterprise collaboration, partnership building and capacity development in sanitation and solid waste management. I managed the Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health (FINISH) partnerships, the WASTE Venture Facility and Guarantee Funds. Also, I (co-)founded several international public-private partnerships as well previusly acting as as Finance Director of WASTE and Chair of FINISH (India) and FINISH INK projects.

Besides my experience in The Netherlands, I have built experience in many countries worldwide, including Austria, Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Mali, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Kenya, Philippines and Sri Lanka. In addition I have been active in various sectoral and environmental policy analyses, joint venture promotions and wastewater treatment projects. And I am an enthusiastic guest lecturer in sanitation business and finance at IHE, Delft Institute for Water Education.

• Development and management of International partnerships on sanitation
• Financial innovations

• FINISH Mondial (CEO)
• Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health (FINISH) India
• Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health, (FINISH) in Kenya
• Reuse of grey and black water in agriculture (Securing Water for Food)

1. Financing Sanitation – an overview of the financial instruments for sanitation used in FINISH programmes in India and Kenya
2. The essence of public and private funding for sanitation
3. Deepening Financial Inclusion – the potential role of micro insurance in driving sanitation
4. The relevance of cheap Motorbikes for Sanitation The bill of quantities in sanitation and the cheap motorcycle index