WASTE has developed policies and procedures which are the basis of our quality of work and relations with staff and partners.

• Code of Conduct
• Whistle Blower Procedure
• Policy Enforcement Procedure
• Partner Policy
• Procurement Policy


Rules of procedure for the Director and Supervisory Board (in Dutch):

• Directiereglement Stichting WASTE
• Reglement Raad van Toezicht Stichting WASTE


Being a legal Dutch entity, WASTE’s operations and management must follow Dutch Law and Regulations.

The Director, Management Team and employees must follow these rules and regulations, ensuring behaviour within the organisation meets the Code of Conduct. Other policies can be obtained upon request, at the discretion of WASTE’s Management Team, at office@waste.nl.

Please note: WASTE is currently working on updating and improving its policies. These will be added to this page as they become available.