Our policies, annual reports, and related legal documents

Annual accounts

WASTE’s annual accounts provide a wide range of information about our activities and how we are working. It includes an evaluation of the annual plan of that year, showing changes both within the organisation and in partnership with others.

Here you will find our annual accounts for 2022.




Our policies

WASTE has developed policies and procedures which are the basis of our quality of work and relations with staff and partners.


Rules of procedure for the Director and Supervisory Board (in Dutch):

Being a legal Dutch entity, WASTE’s operations and management must follow Dutch Law and Regulations.

The Director, Management Team and employees must follow these rules and regulations, ensuring behaviour within the organisation meets the Code of Conduct. Other policies can be obtained upon request, at the discretion of WASTE’s Management Team, at [email protected].

Please note: WASTE is currently working on updating and improving its policies. These will be added to this page as they become available.

ANBI status

WASTE has an ANBI status since 2013 and is registered as such at the Belastingdienst in The Netherlands.Below our ANBI related data:

Name: WASTE Foundation
Fiscal number: 6765920
Contact address: Binckhorstlaan 36, Unit C-174 the Hague, 2516 BE
Goal: Realize a sustainable and healthy living environment for inhabitants of poor urban areas in low and middle-income countries.
Policy: See our latest annual report.
Board: The foundation is controlled by a board, existing of one or more persons under supervision of supervisory board.
Director: Kajetan Hetzer
Rewards: Salaries are based on a Dutch scale (Extraordinary Order Government Officials) and are a scale lower than comparable positions in the government.

An overview of the activities is summarized in our annual report and a financial accountability is done each year in our annual report.

Download our ANBI related data (in Dutch)