Solid waste management, including plastics

With over 40 years of experience, we pioneer inclusive approaches.

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We are tackling the global waste crisis, ensuring no one is left behind

Bringing key stakeholders together to achieve inclusive governance

We facilitate a ‘systems change’ approach that ensures development that works for everyone. Sustainable interventions require local ownership over development, especially with the inclusion of the informal sector, and no one is left behind.

Creating effective solutions to tackle the world’s most challenging waste issues

We develop technical innovations, aiming to find solutions for the most difficult to manage waste, such as multi-layer plastics. Our programmes are tailored to suit each local context to ensure impact that is long-lasting and relevant.

Facilitating the exchange of ideas across the world

We rely on our extensive database of research, experience, and tools, to share and accelerate learnings across our global partnership network. We play a key role in ensuring that we are all building upon each other’s successes to move forward together.

in the last 5 years alone

Our impact

tonnes of plastic saved annually from open burning/dumping
waste collection services improved in secondary cities around the world
innovative business in plastic waste management supported directly
Building blocks

WASTE’s thematic experts

Professional headshot Gert de bruijne

Gert de Bruijne

Acquisitions Lead, Senior Expert Sanitation & Solid Waste Management
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Stan Maessen

Senior Expert, Sanitation & Solid Waste Management, Member Works Council
Professional headshot Sophie van den berg

Sophie van den Berg

Senior Expert, Solid Waste Management (Plastics), Programme Manager
Professional headshot Verele de vreede

Verele de Vreede

Senior Expert, Solid Waste Management
Professional headshot Jeroen ijgosse

Jeroen Ijgosse

Senior Expert, Sanitation & Solid Waste Management
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Sethupathy Azhaganandam

Senior Expert, Solid Waste Management (Plastics)