We are developing effective financing modalities and bringing in new [commercial] investors to the development space

Building on a track record of success

We took a risk, launching our first Guarantee Fund programme more than 20 years ago. We have been building on that success to develop new financing vehicles for the development sector.

Making the case for investability in the overlooked sanitation and waste sectors

We show commercial investors where there is untapped opportunity in overlooked sectors such as sanitation and waste management. We are proving to the world that there is an investment case to be made in sectors previously perceived as risky.

Supporting key actors in local markets to access financing

We integrate financial inclusion as a key aspect of our programmes to ensure households and small businesses can access financing. We ensure local financial institutions see the value in lending for sanitation, waste, and linked sectors, to build sustainability.

Our impact

million generated locally in 5 years by households investing in sanitation
million impact fund series development supported for household sanitation and water lending
million in core funding secured to develop a pilot fund to support the 'missing middle' of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in WASH and waste
Building blocks

WASTE’s thematic experts


Jacqueline Barendse

Management Team, Senior Finance Expert
Professional headshot Valentin Post

Valentin Post

Senior Finance Expert
Professional headshot Kajetan hetzer

Kajetan Hetzer

Management Team, Programme Director, Senior Finance Expert
Professional headshot Carolina Latorre

Carolina Latorre Aravena

Senior Programme Manager
John headshot

John Mathai

Senior Investment and Business Development Expert