We develop local markets, addressing the entire sanitation value chain and create value from human waste.

Initiating and leading dynamic programmes around the world

We employ WASTE’s Diamond Model, a multi-stakeholder approach, to ensure sustainable project interventions. We facilitate key stakeholders to take ownership over local market development.

Developing technical innovations to reduce costs, making safe sanitation accessible for all

We work with our partners to tailor technologies, and find local materials and suppliers, always seeking to drive down the costs of sanitation construction and machinery. This means safely managed sanitation is more accessible for more people.

Achieving cross-sectoral impact, increasing circularity

We look at the human waste collected by safely managed toilets as an untapped natural resource. We link with key sectors such as agriculture to demonstrate how upcycled human waste can improve soil fertility, crop production, and open new business opportunities.

in the last 5 years alone

Our impact

local sanitation businesses supportted
million workdays in construction alone
million toilets constructed
million kg of CO2 eq. greenhouse gas emissions saved through solid waste & faecal sludge treatment & reuse
kg in nitrogen, phosphorous & potassium (NPK) resource recovery
Building blocks

WASTE’s thematic experts

Professional headshot Henock belete asfaw

Henock Belete Asfaw

Senior Sanitation Expert
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Stan Maessen

Senior Sanitation & Solid Waste Management Expert
Professional headshot Valentin Post

Valentin Post

Senior Finance Expert
Professional headshot Jeroen ijgosse

Jeroen Ijgosse

Programme Director, Senior Sanitation & Solid Waste Management Expert
Professional headshot Sumeet pawar

Sumeet Pawar

Climate Change and Circular Economy Expert