FINILOOP (Financial Inclusion & Improved Livelihoods Out of Plastics)

FINILOOP (Financial Inclusion & Improved Livelihoods Out of Plastics)

FINILOOP works with cities to reduce, redesign and improve management of plastics
Creating green jobs and local circular economies


FINILOOP aims to create green jobs and local circular economies by optimizing sorting and collection of household waste, reduce usage of plastic and improve recycling FINILOOP stands for Financial Inclusion and Improved Livelihoods Out of Plastics.

FINILOOP partners with cities to reduce, redesign and improve management of plastics. By stimulating the usage of less plastic, looking for alternatives and keeping plastic longer in the loop, FINILOOP directly contributes to the circular economy.

How does FINILOOP work?

To improve and scale plastic waste management systems in Asia and Africa, FINILOOP uses a multi-stakeholder approach – the Diamond Approach – to involve the entire value chain in plastic. We do so by:

  1. Raising awareness about plastic waste, its health effects and source separation at household level
  2. Professionalising the plastic recycling sector and introducing innovations
  3. Integrating local financial resources and developing new finance products
  4. Setting up collaboration with governments and development partners to make scale happen

As a result, we improve the quality of solid waste services and quality of recycled plastic, whilst boosting plastic recycling rates. FINILOOP focuses on building local capacities in facilitating plastic recycling loans to improve recycling infrastructure, plastic recycling business development, and waste segregation at source.

FINILOOP programmes started in India and Senegal. In these countries, our activities focus on building local capacities and enabling circular economies related to plastic recycling to ensure sustainability. Similarly, FINILOOP programme countries depend on each other for innovation and local knowledge sharing.


Impact made after 1 year of FINILOOP in Udaipur, India

Stakeholders and business 70 green jobs created

1,000 MT of plastic waste saved from the environment

1 zero waste center established

 Money and job creation - WASTE Socio-economic conditions of 70 waste pickers improved in India

1 innovative plastic recycling technology introduced



Partners we work with:
• Amref Flying Doctors
• FINISH Society
• RDO Trust
• Plastic Fantastic
• METRO Group
• Polyplex

Funded by ViaWater & the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands (DGIS)