Ecological management of faecal sludge and valorization of by-products in Benin

Ecological management of faecal sludge and valorization of by-products in Benin

Access to sanitation continues to be a major problem in Parakou, Benin, where a significant proportion of the population continues to lack access to basic sanitation facilities (mainly pit latrines). In addition, Parakou lacks comprehensive sanitation services, as in most cases the faecal sludge collected usually ends up being dumped. This project was essentially aimed at testing a model of financing the operation of a Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant in the city. We did so through the valorisation of the by-products coming from the treatment of faecal sludge through the production of fish.


• To provide a hygienic and durable solution to the practices of indiscrimate disposal of faecal sludge in Parakou. This, through a pilot-scale development experience that will allow not only to mobilise all data for the sizing of a treatment on a large scale, but also to define the optimal conditions of treatment of faecal sludge from pit latrines.
• To test and pilot a funding model for the ecological management of faecal sludge and the valorisation of by-products. The main financial incentives is the valuation of by-products: phytoplankton, zooplankton, co-compost, and fish.


How did we do this:
The main activities of this project included:
• Designing and constructing faecal sludge treatment plant in Parakou
• Developing a production and marketing line for co-compost
• Developing a fry production and marketing line
• Comng up with a business plan for scaling up the project
• Accompagnying social measures

As partner in this project, our interventions focused on:
• Advising on the design and construction of the faecal sludge treatment plant in Parakou
• Advising on the production and marketing of co-compost
• Monitoring fry (small fish) production and sales
• Advising on the business plan for the scaling up of the project



Cleaner environment in Parakou

Introduction of a business approach to faecal sludge management

 Money and job creation - WASTE Reduction of costs


Partners involved:
• Aqua for All

Funded by ViaWater