Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health (FINISH) – India

Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health (FINISH) – India

Sanitation for all by integrating the demand and supply side of the sanitation challenge in India


FINISH works with a unique multi-stakeholder approach that involves the entire value chain. By mobilising the supply side of sanitation while integrating financial resources into the value chain, it raises awareness on and creates a demand for sanitation services amongst end-users. This includes improving quality and safety of sanitation services, reducing the price of these services and ensuring proper disposal of the waste produced.


Main activities we are involved in include:
• Sanitation awareness and demand generation process
• Training for masons in sanitation system construction
• Public-Private Partnerships leverage grant funding through local microfinance institutions for sanitation loans, supplier’s credit and other financing instruments
• Local entrepreneur training for sanitation business development
• Liaison with local governments
• Safe recycling of human waste as agricultural or renewable energy input


Setting up FINISH Society
In 2010, the FINISH project partners set up the non-profit FINISH Society. FINISH Society was established to secure and manage the assets of the programme, such as the relationships, knowledge and network built up by the partners.


Scale without funding
Our long-term goal is to continue building value chains in waste and sanitation that reach scale without external funding. Therefore, FINISH Society also set up a social enterprise called the FINISH Services and Management Company (FSMC). FSMC aggregates household demand for sanitation and translates this into bulk purchases of material and actual construction. Large parts of the proceedings of this organisation directly flow back into FINISH Society to carry on activities for raising awareness and demand locally. This has been effective in safeguarding the sustainability of the programme in India.


Impact we realised

 Cost of sanitation systems reduced by 15%

2560 GPs Open Defecation Free (ODF) in Punjab, UP, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Odisha

Over 900,000 sanitation systems constructed

 Money and job creation - WASTE DGIS grant leveraged over 20 times with local financing (€ 140 Million)

 Money and job creation - WASTE €55 Million in microfinance used for sanitation


Partners we work with
• Finish Society
• Cashpor
• RDO Trust
• Aqua for All
• United Nations University MERIT / Institute of Fiscal Studies, UK


Funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs