Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health (FINISH) Mondial

Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health (FINISH) Mondial

Global sanitation-for-all approach integrating the demand- and supply-side of the sanitation challenge

After the success of FINISH programmes in India and Kenya, Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health (FINISH) has scaled-up and gone global, with as its single goal: sanitation-for-all.

In the first phase of FINISH Mondial we set the stage by selecting the right partners and identifying project areas. Moreover, we calculated that FINISH Mondial aims to reach 10 million people across 6 countries by building 2 million safe sanitation systems by 2025. This all, while containing and recycling 175,000 tonnes of faecal sludge. Financially, we will realise this by leveraging €40 million in grants at a ratio of 1:10 for yielding €400 million in sanitation investments.

FINISH Mondial is active in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

FINISH Mondial, a unique story
• FINISH Mondial uses a multi-stakeholder approach to involve the entire value chain in sanitation. By (1) raising awareness on and creating a demand for sanitation amongst end-users; (2) mobilising the supply and reuse business of sanitation and (3) integrating local financial resources. (4) Collaboration with government and development partners allows for scaling.
• As a result FINISH Mondial improves quality and safety of sanitation services, reduces the price of these services and ensures proper disposal of the waste produced. We focus on building local capacities in facilitating sanitation loans, sanitation business development, and the construction of safe sanitation systems.
• FINISH Mondial emphasizes each of the four Diamond domains equally in developing local sanitation markets for inclusive scale in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


Sustainability beyond launch phase
FINISH Mondial activities are focused on building local capacities and enabling circular economies related to safe sanitation. Ensuring sustainability and local ownership are main principles in the FINISH Mondial approach. Similarly, FINISH programme countries depend on each other for innovation and local knowledge sharing.


Impact we realised
• Local Bottom of the Pyramid sanitation market development in Uganda, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Tanzania.
• Inclusive scale in Kenya: 5,000 new improved sanitation systems installed, financed through loans and €1.9M worth of sanitation investments will be realised.
• Inclusive scale in India through support to financing of the commercial the Sanitation Impact Bond pilot, €2.7M worth sanitation investments will be realised.
• Develop the FINISH Mondial Public Private Partnership towards 2030 including strategic partnership building FINISH Mondial, the development of the FINISH Mondial results framework and learning for results and communicating results
• FINISH Mondial Public Private Partner governance model set-up


Impact we realised

Partners we work with
• Amref Flying Doctors
• Aqua for All
• FINISH Society
• Amref Health Africa
• Cashpor Micro Credit
• RDO Trust
• Caritas Fort Portal-HEWASA (Uganda)
• BBBC (Ethiopia)
• Hach Ltd. (Tanzania)
• Max Foundation
• Practical Action Bangladesh
• Sidian Bank
• Equity Bank
• Hofokam
• Centenary Bank
Amongst others


Funded in part by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs