Closing the Data Gap: Solid and plastic waste assessment in Udaipur, India

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Findings from the Circulate Initiative’s ‘Closing the Data Gap Challenge’

As the scale of the plastic pollution problem continues to grow, so too does the need for reliable, consistent data. The Closing the Data Gap Challenge was designed by the Circulate Initiative to bridge knowledge gaps that prevent action on tackling plastic pollution across different geographies. We are pleased to share the findings of this study, which provides an overview of the state of waste generation and management in Udaipur, India. 

Combining data on municipal solid waste generated, plastic waste generated and recycled, and insights into the livelihoods and working conditions of informal waste workers in the city, the study’s findings will help inform organizations, policymakers and investors as they implement solutions to tackle plastic pollution and advance the circular economy in the region. 

WASTE worked with the Circulate Initiative, FINISH Society, and the Alliance to End Plastic Waste to collaborate on these findings.

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