Joining hands to tackle India’s plastic waste crisis | Launching the FINILOOP programme 

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Financial inclusion and improving livelihoods 

We are excited to share that WASTE, together with its partners and in collaboration with the IKEA Foundation, is launching the FINILOOP programme in three cities in India this fall. FINILOOP stands for Financial Inclusion & Improved Livelihoods Out of Plastics. Why? Together with FINISH Society, we have been building a successful demonstration of a unique and scalable intervention focused on financial inclusion and improving livelihoods in the sanitation space since 2010. Now, we are expanding our collaboration into waste management, especially to tackle the enormous plastic waste problem in India.  

Building partnerships to tackle India’s plastic waste challenge 

WASTE, FINISH Society, TOP, and AspireLabs have joined hands to implement this innovative programme on plastic waste management. The FINILOOP programme aims to address plastic pollution in cities while working with all key stakeholders in the plastic value chain of the selected cities. This, all in service of improving municipal waste management while strengthening the livelihood opportunities of informal waste workers and fostering innovation for plastic recycling businesses. 

Supporting underserved and vulnerable waste workers 

Informal waste workers are among the most vulnerable communities in India. This underserved population live and work under unsafe conditions to ‘pick’ valuable (recyclable) waste. However, they play a key role in the plastic waste value chain. The FINILOOP programme will empower the waste picker communities in the target areas, supporting start-up waste businesses with technical assistance, and enabling existing businesses to grow by further linking them to necessary financing. 

Our key goals under this phase of the programme are to empower at least 1,500 waste pickers in the three cities, improve their plastic waste value chains, through the establishment and growth of 72 (innovative) plastic waste businesses and to safely manage 4,500 tonnes of plastic waste.  


Join us to catalyse sustainable solutions to urban challenges  

Our team is seeking collaboration with all kinds of innovative people and ideas—business ideas, handlers, recyclers, entrepreneurs, government ambassadors—all key stakeholders and innovators are called to join us in this first step to join hands and tackle India’s plastic waste challenge. 

More on our FINILOOP programme and our expertise in solid waste management (including plastics!) here. 

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