Plastic recycling machines | Report (EN, FR)

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A catalogue on machinery for recycling of plastic waste

This catalogue shows a selected number of machines suitable for the valorisation of plastics into
products which can be used as secondary material for the plastics industry. The first chapter gives a short explanation on plastics, the types and how they can be recycled or valorised. Then the various valorisation processes are shown in diagrams with a reference to the machines that can be used during the various valorisation steps. The second part of this catalogue lists a selection of different machines mentioned in the diagrams. It has an image and if available a technical drawing. Furthermore an explication on the machine:

  1. Type of machine and the possibility to build it in Mali
  2. Production capacity either in weight / hour or weight per time of usage
  3. An estimation of the costs (EURO) (based on the prices in 2019 and excluding the costs of
    transport from India to Dakar which would be 4,000 – 6,000 Euro per container
  4. Electricity usage of the machine either in HP (horsepower) or KW (kilo watts)
  5. Options for maintenance and availability spare parts and other remarks.

L’emploi des jeunes crée des opportunités, ici au Mali

Young people in Mali often lack decent employment opportunities, leading to high levels of unemployment. Funded by the European Union, a consortium of ICCO, WASTE, APEJ, led by SNV, is
implementing the Value Chain Development and Youth Employment in Mali (EJOM) project. The
project takes place in the four regions of Kayes, Koulikoro, Gao and the district of Bamako, all areas
where young Mali people face systemic employment challenges.

WASTE’s interventions in the project focusses on setting up small businesses in solid waste
management and improving existing ones to help them to grow and create employment.
Participants of the EJOM training programs are asked to prepare a business plan. To assist the
development of these business plans, WASTE developed a series of 4 illustrative business cases in
solid waste management to serve as inspiration:

  1. Primary collection of household waste
  2. Primary collection of household waste and sales of recyclables
  3. Grinding of hard plastics to produce flakes
  4. Paving tiles out of low-grade plastics

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