Understanding WASH systems approach | Masterclass collaboration with WRI/aaco 

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Education and information sharing is a key to sustainable development. We are always seeking ways to share the knowledge and expertise in waste management and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) gleaned over our 40 years of work. We are pleased to share the latest opportunity to learn (from anywhere in the world!) from Senior WASTE adviser and finance expert, Valentin Post, as part of a WASH MASTERCLASS series hosted by the World Resources Institute (WRI). In this course, you’ll learn about how we finance sanitation, how market-based sanitation has improved the socio-economic conditions in Kenya, and what is WASTE’s Diamond Model after all?

The MASTERCLASS is the collaboration project of Accelerating Access Coalition’s (aaco) Nudge Learning Lab, WASTE’s FINISH Mondial programme, IRC WASH,, Biome and Mahila Housing Trust (MHT). There are three series of videos that dive into key subjects of Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) and healthy spaces:

  1. Understanding WASH Systems Approach
  2. Mobilising Finance for Urban WASH: How to Increase Funds?
  3. Effective Community Engagement and Participation

About the WASH systems approach Masterclass  

Aaco notes, “Each Masterclass has several episodes covering basic lessons on the topic with case studies and project insights from the speakers. The episodes are crisp and non-technical that can be watched in a self-paced manner and the learner can take assessments at the end of each episode. By the end of the Masterclass, the learner will get an in-depth understanding of the water and sanitation services sector, unique approaches to deal with WSS complexities supported by the best-case studies. On successful completion of the Masterclass series, the participants will receive a certificate.” To be specific, learners will be introduced to the WSS sector and the work of partner organizations, WSS value-chains, finances, innovation in WSS and importance of participation for WSS and different knowledge tools and methods from experts for real-time application in their projects. 

Who can learn from the WASH systems approach Masterclass? 

The classes are for everyone, especially decision-makers/actors such as national, sub-national, city governments and ULBs, business and the private sector, civil society, non-profit/community-based organizations, local and international research institutes, and young professionals/students. 

Click here for more information about the classes and to sign up.  

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