Working together to bring seeds of change | Key takeaways World Water Week 2023

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Five people standing in a row with colourful cubes representing the SDGs

Last month we had the amazing opportunity to take part in another SIWI World Water Week and bring our innovative financing expertise to the discussions hosting a series of sessions. We learnt a lot from this year’s theme: Seeds of Change: innovative solutions for a water-wise world challenging us all to rethink how we manage water.

From showcasing the importance of investing in Small and Growing Businesses in the WASH sector to taking a human centered approach in all that we do and working together to meet SDG6, watch below to find out what some of our key takeaways were:

How can we unlock the financial sustainability of SMEs to achieve SDG6?

We also had, not one, but two sessions exploring how vital SMEs are to the WASH supply chain and to achieve SDG6. Yet so often they lack access to funding. Catch up on our Talk Show and Panel Discussion below to dive into an entrepreneur’s journey towards creditworthiness and bankability, learn from innovative finance approaches and uncover with experts the challenges and opportunities to scale up current investment levels to bridge the financial gap to achieving SDG6.

Let’s turn these takeaways into action together, reach out to our team today to continue the discussion: [email protected]

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