Working with universities and supporting young professionals 

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Last month, WASTE adviser and Solid waste expert, Sophie van den Berg, paid a visit to a key Dutch university, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education to share some knowledge and take a trip to a plastic recycling plant nearby. As Sophie is our leading expert on plastics under the solid waste management umbrella and programme director of our upcoming FINILOOP: Plastic waste free cities programme, her guest lecture featured experiences in sustainable plastic waste management in low- and middle-income countries. Specifically, she shared experiences in the ever-evolving solid waste management sector and accompanied the students on a field trip to a recycling plant in the Netherlands.   

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We are pleased that the lecture and field trip received positive feedback from students, that this topic is important and found the lecture interesting and interactive. In a feedback survey, the students noted the day added valuable and practical insights to their coursework. These experiences are helpful not only for their study but also for future careers. It is through these relationships that we encourage our WASTE advisers to pass along their own knowledge to the next generation of development professionals and receive fresh perspective on our own work and way of thinking. 

Overall, we are delighted to receive such positive feedback and value the initiative of our team to build bridges with universities and young people. We believe education and partnerships are key to a sustainable future; thus, we are happy to share our expertise with the younger generation. We are looking forward to having more conversations like this with interested students and related research projects in the future. 

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