Master Artisan Construction Training in Ethiopia

FINISH Mondial has evolved out of a successful FINISH program in operation in India and Kenya since 2008. Ten years later, FINISH Mondial is being implemented in 6 countries: Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, India and Bangladesh. Its goal: To leverage private sector, public private partnerships and commercial finance to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) around Water And Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) interventions.

As part of the FINISH Mondial programme, Master Artisan Construction Training took place in Arsi Negele, Ethiopia, the first two weeks of the year. A selection of Ethiopian Master Artisans have been trained on 3 different sanitation technologies:

  1. Double leach pit
  2. Ventilated improved double pit for households
  3. Ventilated improved pit for a school.

In addition to receiving training from professional trainers, we also stimulate peer-to-peer learning. For example, a team of previously trained master masons (artisans) from Kenya has conducted a technical training programme for local artisans in Ethiopia. An eye for detail as well as proper dimensioning and construction design is key to reducing costs, thereby making quality sanitation more affordable to the Bottom of the Pyramid markets.