Big wins for WASTE’s FINISH Mondial & Take-a-Stake programmes

The WASTE team is hard at work, celebrating World Toilet Day and preparing for 2021 with renewed energy, funding and support for two of its dynamic programmes. Contributing significantly to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 6 agenda, both programmes are looking to a future of collaboration and impact in the sanitation sector.


We are proud to share that the 6-country, WASTE-founded programme, FINISH Mondial, has secured funding for its next phase, up to 2025. Since 2009, FINISH has been making the investment case for the sanitation sector, leveraging grant funding to attract commercial and private financing for sustainable sanitation improvements. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands has re-committed to WASTE, FINISH Mondial and its partners, Amref Flying Doctors and Aqua for All, with a €20 million grant contribution to this €40 million programme, which will leverage €400 M in private investments working towards the inclusive scale of local circular sanitation economies. The programme is on track to construct 2 million toilets, reaching 10 million people, recycling 175,000 tonnes of faecal sludge and creating 16 million workdays in construction alone.


Pim van der Male, Thematic Expert Water at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (DGIS) says: “With World Toilet Day in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot stress the importance of sanitation and hygiene enough…The FINISH Mondial programme is the ‘Swiss army knife’ for sanitation. It not only leads to increased access to sanitation but will also leverage substantial local capital via microfinance. In addition, FINISH Mondial will create employment within the sanitation value chain, will ensure waste is safely managed and will contribute to the circular economy by reuse of faecal waste.”


Simultaneously, WASTE has also been granted €5 million by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), to set up a new Impact Investment Fund, the Take-a-Stake (TAS) Fund, for small and growing businesses (SGBs) in the water, sanitation and waste sectors in developing countries and emerging markets. Based on the idea that even with having solid track records, many SGBs lack access to capital, the TAS Fund aims to mobilise investments in SGBs to strengthen and scale-up the supply and value chain of water, sanitation and waste services. This will result in increased quantity and better quality of locally produced and available products and services, contributing to regional economic growth and employment. The TAS Fund is being launched in India, Uganda and Kenya, with opportunities to continue scaling to new regions and countries.


The two programmes have both geographic and thematic synergies, working towards common goals of mobilising finance and strengthening the entire sanitation and waste management value chains locally. We look forward to developing these programmes further and seeing how much sustainable impact we can create with these partnerships and support from DGIS & SIDA.