Sanitation & Faecal sludge management

With over 40 years of experience, we pioneer inclusive approaches.

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We develop local markets, addressing the entire sanitation value chain.

Initiating and leading dynamic programmes around the world

Developing technical innovations to reduce costs, making safe sanitation accessible for all

Strengthening collaboration between expert partners and key local stakeholders

Our impact

10 M
Workdays in construction alone
1,2 M
Toilets constructed
€ 133 M
Million generated locally in 5 years by households investing in sanitation improvements
Tonnes of plastic waste prevented from dumping/open burning
Tonnes of human waste converted to compost
Building blocks

WASTE experts

Professional headshot Han de groot

Han de Groot

Executive Director
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Stan Maessen

Senior Expert, Sanitation & Solid Waste Management
Professional headshot Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope

Communications Manager, Member Works Council
Professional headshot Ranna abdulhadi

Ranna Abdulhadi

Junior Expert, Monitoring & Evaluation
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Jacqueline Barendse

Senior Expert, Finance
Professional headshot Carolina Latorre

Carolina Latorre Aravena

Senior Programme Manager