Plastic Waste Recycling Heroes: Insights from African entrepreneurs

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Lessons learned from African entrepreneurs in plastic waste

The aim of this publication is to disseminate lessons learned from the support of three entrepreneurs in Africa. This includes Oumar in Mali, Kevin in Kenya, and Mamadou in Senegal–our plastic waste recycling heroes. We analyse their business in detail: Why are they successful and what challenges did they encounter and still need to overcome? We also look at this collection of insights to explore key questions about accelerating plastic recycling as part of the circular economy in Africa. It looks at the potential of plastic in the waste sector and highlights existing practices.

This research and publication has been realised under the project EJOM. Young people in Mali often lack decent employment opportunities, leading to high levels of unemployment.

Funded by the European Union, a consortium of ICCO, WASTE, APEJ, led by SNV, is
implementing the Value Chain Development and Youth Employment in Mali (EJOM) project. The project
takes place in the four regions of Kayes, Koulikoro, Gao and the district of Bamako. These are all areas where young Malians face systemic employment challenges. WASTE’s interventions in the project focused on setting up small businesses in solid waste management and improving existing ones to help them to
grow and create employment for youths.

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