Spotlight: Technical Innovations

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Piloting accessible sanitation technologies in 2022

One of the main reasons for lack of sanitation coverage is unaffordability (especially for peri-urban and rural populations in low- and middle-income countries). Lack of innovation on reducing the cost of sanitation is an issue FINISH programme founder, WASTE, has been working on for decades.

Why? We strive to make sanitation facilities (toilets) available and affordable to millions of people. Our FINISH Mondial programme’s Technical Working Group, prioritises innovation and (incrementally) lowering the cost of existing sanitation technologies by reducing the construction time and materials. These innovations contribute to our goal of being able to reach scale, making safely managed sanitation for an increasingly wider pool of people possible.

About the FINISH Mondial programme

Financial inclusion improves sanitation and health (FINISH) Mondial is a public-private partnership addressing both supply and demand sides of the sanitation challenge, contributing to healthier & socio-economically empowered communities. The programme is facilitated by a global consortium WASTE, Amref Flying Doctors, and Aqua for All, and led in each programme country by local partners. FINISH Mondial is active in 6 countries across South Asia and East Africa, including: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Programme partners have worked together to design, pilot, and implement, new methodologies of sanitation system construction across all 6 programme countries. This collection showcases seven examples of those pilots.

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